Automatik Plotter-Messer, Silhouette CAMEO3


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orig. Automatik Messer für Silhouette CAMEO® 3

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Automatik Messer für CAMEO® 3

Original Messer für Silhouette CAMEO® 3,
 - automatische Einstellung der Schneidetiefe

Inhalt der Blister-Packung:

  • Automatik - Messerhalter in Weiss

The Silhouette AutoBlade is available exclusively for the CAMEO 3

  • Blade Material: Sintered Tungsten Alloy
  • Adjustment Method: Automated adjustment (controlled by software setting and adjusted by machine
  • Blade Length Range: 0.1 mm - 1 mm

For use with:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® 3

    *Not compatible with other Silhouette cutting models

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